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The 8th Annual FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards
Official Rules & Conditions

Please read this document carefully and thoroughly prior to entering the contest. If more than one writer, then reference to “I/He/She/You/They” within this document shall apply to each party jointly and severally.


Entry fee:

  • Entry fee per screenplay is $49 (U.S.) if postmarked by January 31, 2008.
  • Entry fee per screenplay is $59 (U.S.) if postmarked by April 30, 2008.
  • Entry fee per screenplay is $65 (U.S.) if submitted online by May 31, 2008.

  • Entry fee per screenplay is $69 (U.S.) if submitted online by June 30, 2008.

  • This contest is open to anyone (world wide) except all employees, directors, associates, the immediate families of FilmMakers.com, The Radmin Company, Write Brothers, all the affiliates and/or sponsors.
  • ONLY THE TITLE OF THE SCREENPLAY SHOULD APPEAR ON THE FRONT COVER!  As all reading is anonymous the writer's name should not appear anywhere on the script. You must include a SEPARATE cover sheet with TITLE, WRITER'S NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL ADDRESS.
  • Submissions must be full-length film scripts in any genre.
  • Multiple entries are permissible, but each entry must be accompanied by an Entry Form, signed, and an entry fee.
  • Multiple category entries are permissible, but each must be accompanied by a separate entry fee.
  • Adaptations from other works are permissible provided you have the writer's written permission to adapt the work.
  • Adaptations of works in the public domain are permissible.
  • All writer's must sign the Entry Form
  • Writers under the age of 18 years old must have a parent or guardian sign the Entry Form.
  • Contest applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the jurors.
  • Collaborative work is eligible, but each must fill and sign the Entry Form individually. The writers are responsible for the distribution of the contest prize (s).
  • The screenplay must not have been previously optioned, sold, or produced. 
  • Once a script has been entered, no substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages will be considered. You may submit a revised draft of your script, as a new submission and pay the appropriate entry fee.
  • Entry in one category is included in this fee. Entry in more than one category is permissible but each must be accompanied by a separate entry fee.
  • Writer understands and accepts without reservation that he/she/ is an independent contractor and FilmMakers.com is not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments to any government agency, at any level, be it state, local or federal.
  • Writer understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to register Material with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or with the Writer’s Guild of America.
  • Applicant must not have received consideration in excess of $6,000 as a prize in a previous competition. 
  • You have retained at least one copy of the submitted material, and you understand that all material we receive cannot and will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • You have the option to include a one to two page synopsis of your screenplay.
  • Make your money order, bank check, credit card check (in U.S. funds only), payable to:
  • Media Pro Tech Inc.
  • Submit all material together and send by mail to:
In U.S.A.
FilmMakers Screenplay Division
P.O. Box 4678  
Mission Viejo, CA 92690


In Canada
FilmMakers Screenplay Division
P.O. Box 3666, M.P.O.
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Y8


Or pay by credit card via PayPal. Just hit THE PAYPAL BUTTON below and follow the instruction

If script is between 80 and 130 pages

If script is between 131 and 160 pages

Screenplay Format and Length

Contest Deadline

  • All scripts must be postmarked by  June 30, 2008.
  • FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards is not responsible for late or lost submissions.

Confirmation Receipt

  • When your submission is received you will be notified by E-mail only. So please provide an E-mail address (LEGIBLY WRITTEN or TYPED).  If you do not hear from us within a reasonable time send an email and include your name, address, phone number and title of your script. If your email address and/or home address changes please let us know.

Permission & Agreement

  • By entering this contest and in the event you are declared a winner (top 20), you understand and accept that we will be free to use your name and likeness for advertising or promotional purposes without additional consideration.
  • If you are a finalist you agree to give FilmMakers.com the permission to post on its web site, your script's logline, synopsis and excerpts.  
  • In the event of any sale or option of your screenplay or teleplay that is due to the ongoing promotional efforts, direct or indirect, by FilmMakers.com and/or FilmMakers Magazine, 7% (seven percent) of that amount will be paid by the purchaser or you, the author, to FilmMakers.com (contract value, sale or option under $3000 will be exempt).
  • You may submit your screenplay to any other person, contest, producer, agent, and/or organization.
  • Entering this contest will not limit your copyright in any way. You retain all rights (100%) to your property.


Important disclaimer

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