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I entered because of the prestige of the contest and because of those who will read my script if it places in the top ten...If you've got a great story and you've mastered your craft, your work will be recognized. You should be encouraged that Pearls of China has done well in this completely non-religious, Hollywood screenplay contest. It can be done Ė don't give up!

Regina Garcia Littlejohn


My experience from last yearís entry in American Gem, an off-shoot competition for shorts managed by FilmMakers, was handled very well. Secondly, based on personal feedback, Moviebytes lists FilmMakers as one of the best run and most influential. The other thing is the depth of prizes. Many contests only offer first, second and third, FilmMakers lists numerous as well as having the Top 20 and Top 10. This makes a difference when you approach someone with your script.

Marc Calderwood


FilmMakers has an excellent reputation in the contest circuit, and has lived up to it. FilmMakers also offers more than just cash prizes, though we love those, too. Getting our scripts into the hands of people who can make them into movies is the real prize.

Anita Skibski


A lot of the competitions out there are for cash prizes only. FilmMakers.com was one of the few that really encompasses everything a writer strives for. With FilmMakers, you enter into the competitive realm of Hollywood with the ability to get your script read by professionals in the industry, with the chance to obtain representation. Itís also one of the few forums that does not discriminate on geographical location. The contest is open to writers from around the world so you are literally competing against the best.... I truly feel that this is one of the best screenwriter contests available for writers.

Jud Richards


This is one of the few verifiably good-intentioned, astute and rewarding competitions out here, where there is a genuine intention for the good and favor of the writer. Itís not about taking advantage.... There is a sincere commitment to see the committed writer succeed with the FilmMakers.com & the Radmin company screenwriting contest. And at best they want to be your benefactor. And at worst, the conduit to your inevitable success. What more can one ask? 

Damilola Olorunnisola


I had heard nothing but positive things in the professional way they host their contest. Now being a recognized award winner, I must agree with those comments I heard.

David Kane


This contest was referred to us by a colleague in the industry, as being a good one. When we looked at the opportunity to pitch the script, that aspect of the prize was very appealing. We also are seeking representation for this project and felt that winning here would help..... I do feel contests are important. This is my first one, but we discovered it prompted us to put attention on getting the screenplay read and the movie made. We wanted more access and more feedback. A script on a shelf is going nowhere. A contest motivated me to get the thing out there.

Lee Kessler


Prior to entering the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards I had won a screenwriting contest for a short I had written. I ended up very disappointed with the lack of professionalism and communication. Therefore, when I read about the size and outstanding reputation of the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards I was immediately interested.

Romeo Ryder


'Certain' screenplay contests can be extremely important for aspiring screenwriters. It's a great way to get one's work read and validated and, depending on the outcome, may lead to an opportunity for one-on-one meetings with producers and agents. After that it's the writers responsibility to make the most out of it.... Reputation was very important. I'm very selective when it comes to screenwriting competitions. And the opportunity to have my script read by professionals, and if I should win, the possibility to meet with producers and agents.

Yvonne Borgogni


A couple of friends who highly recommended the website. I followed up on it and liked its approach, in that it supported emerging screenwriters. I followed up on it and liked its approach, in that it supported emerging screenwriters, they even let them post their loglines on the website for free. I think that says a lot. So, when I found out about the competition, I decided to place Kin in it.

Kamal Hamzah


There arenít many contests run by people who actually know what it takes to write a script someone might want to produce. FilmMakers and The Radmin Company are both grounded in the realities of filmmaking. 

Lorelei Armstrong


It's always nice (and rare!) to get such positive feedback..... Just wanted to drop you a note of good news and thanks. After winning the filmmakers.com contest, I've had a lot of doors open to me that were previously unthinkable. More specifically, thanks in part to the contest win, combined with the interview on the filmmakers.com website I was able to pitch a romantic comedy idea to Harbor Light Entertainment -- and this month they optioned it. (Harbor Light currently has a deal at Paramount with Morgan Freeman attached). I'm not sure I would have been able to get the attention I got if not for your contest. So, thanks again for all your hard work!!! I really appreciate it.

Christian Parkes


The contest is very well reviewed on both the Movie Bytes and Creative Screenwriting web sites.

Jeffrey Seeman


It has a strong reputation and strong access. In addition, they set deadlines and stick to them which shows a great deal of respect for the writers and credibility to the contest....  The caliber of writers entering contests now is amazing. There are many working professionals among us. Any writer who underestimates contests has not done their homework.... Donít take a ride on the bitter bus. Keep a sense of humor because youíre going to need it. Volunteer, join writing groups, attend conferences, enter contests. Doors open when you least expect it. AndÖhard work beats talent when talent doesnít work hard.

Maggie Franks


While searching the internet for screenwriting competitions I came across the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards and was immediately impressed with the number of applicants in the previous years of competition. The opportunity to have your script read by an agent was very enticing as well as the general information and resources that are available on the website.

Marcus Richardson


Thank you and everyone else at Filmmakers.com for all you've done on my behalf so far. I am indeed truly grateful... I'm very pleasantly surprised by all the activity your contest has generated...  Almost immediately after THE SECRET BOY became a winner in your contest, it was optioned by KONK Productions and director Chris Koch (whose feature credits include "Snow Day" and "A Guy Thing")... I want to thank you once again for running such a terrific contest - it's really helped make a difference.

Whit Rummel


This contest has a very good reputation for professionalism and for helping the winners move their careers forward.... Contest results are good barometers of the progress you are making in developing your craft. And they are extremely important in terms of helping you make valuable contacts with agents and producers. This business is so much about networking. Writing well is only half the battle.

Brian Hill


I entered the Filmmakers International Screenplay Contest because of the word "international." I felt an internationally oriented contest might be more open to my story, that is somewhat critical of American culture. It is the first (and only) contest I have entered.

Peter Alan Stelzer


I believe screenplay competitions are an invaluable resource for writers who can't get past the virtual blockade that surrounds Hollywood. Producers won't even read queries unless submitted by an agent and so few agents are willing to take on new clients that contests are a way of getting your work seen and possibly noticed by "the powers that be."

Jill Stevens


I am thrilled and honored by your recognition! I cannot thank you enough for your time and consideration.

Guy Barresi


Your contest rocks!!!

Gary Davidson


This contest is a great stepping stone and will inspire writers from all walks of life.
Keep up the great work.

Jhon Williams


I truly appreciate your time and effort on my behalf. I have nothing but the nicest things to say about your company.

Jason Panaro


You made me very happy this week. I checked to see if my agent contact information is listed as you promised and there it was! ON PAGE ONE, too. I showed it to my family and friends who are published writers and visiting for the weekend... The Chinese say the smile you send out returns to you. Here's smiling at you. 

Tom Galvin


Congratulations on your second year of an exciting contest that continues to offer writers invaluable exposure and contacts.

Spencer Beglarian

I am glad to see you are getting such good responses from production companies for contest's finalists. None of the other contests I placed in have generated this kind of response. My guess is that there is "good buzz" going around town about you guys--this is a good thing.

Diane Lacey

Thank you for the opportunity to enter the FilmMakers.com contest. It†is the biggest inspiration I have had in a long time.

Neil Goodchild

Thanks for taking the time to review my screenplay. It was exciting to be apart of the contest. This was my first foray into the field of screenwriting, and it was encouraging to know that someone was listening. I hope to enter again with a more polished, concise and marketable product. Please keep me informed of further contests.

Carolyn Miller


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